I like the detailed responses as well as detailed diagrams on the whiteboard. This can be very beneficial when working on complex skills.–Lauren H.

With Huntington's online programs you have two easy ways to pay. You can buy a fixed number of hours or you can save with one of our monthy package plans.

Monthly packages:

  • Per month1 HourPrice Per Hour$29.99/hourPackage Price$29.99Purchase 1 Hour
  • Per month2 HoursPrice Per Hour$28.99/hourPackage Price$57.98Purchase 2 Hours
  • Per month5 HoursPrice Per Hour$27.99/hourPackage Price$139.95Purchase 5 Hours
  • Credit card is charged every 30 days based on the package selected.

Hourly packages:

  • Only1 HourPrice Per Hour$32.99/hourPackage Price$32.99Purchase 1 Hour
  • Only2 HoursPrice Per Hour$31.89/hourPackage Price$63.78Purchase 2 Hours
  • Only5 HoursPrice Per Hour$30.79/hourPackage Price$153.95Purchase 5 Hours
  • Pay as you go! Your credit card is only charged once based on the package
    that is selected.

Each student needs to have a minimum of 15 minutes in his or her account in order to conduct a tutoring session. If the number of minutes in an account at the start of any session is below 15 minutes, the session will not begin and the student will be prompted to purchase more hours in order to start the tutoring session. Students will be receiving a five minute warning when before they exhaust their available minutes. Students will need to wrap up their tutoring session within those 5 minutes and go back to the "student home page" and select "buy package" to purchase more minutes in order to receive more tutoring support. Depending on the number of minutes you purchase at one time, you may receive a discount on the per minute price.

If you access, obtain or otherwise utilize or attempt to utilize the tutoring services described in this section in a manner contrary to these Terms of Use, for yourself or on behalf of another, you agree to reimburse Company for the value of such services you received, as well as Company's reasonable costs incurred to detect, investigate and obtain such reimbursement, including reasonable attorneys' fees.

Huntington Online has the right to change its prices and packages at any time, for any reason, and without any advanced notice. We can offer periodic promotions to certain groups of people which may not be available to all customers.

Terms of Service

Huntington Online offers students one-to-one live, individualized tutoring in specific subject areas, including math (pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, calculus) and science (elementary science, biology, chemistry, physics) and beyond.

Your online, virtual classroom lets you and your tutor exchange information with ease. You can: Upload problems or assignments directly onto the virtual whiteboard, or simply write or draw whatever you need help with. Save time by dragging and dropping from our built-in collection of formulas, equations, and geometric shapes. The instant messaging window lets you keep the two-way communication going as your tutor guides you step-by-step to a solution and to greater overall understanding. You can even view your previous tutoring sessions to refresh your memory on what you learned before. No special equipment or software is needed.

NOTE – You and any user of the Company's Sites acknowledge and agree that the tutoring services described in this section will be monitored and recorded for quality assurance and other lawful purposes by Company.

The tutoring services described in this section do not include any products, services or equipment, or fees and costs related thereto, that are necessary for you to access or use such services or participate in any activity on the Company's Sites. You are responsible for obtaining, maintaining and updating any products, services or equipment, including or fees and costs related thereto, that are necessary for you to access or use such services or participate in any activity on the Company's Sites.

Tutor Availability

Tutors are available between 2pm EST – 11pm EST Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm EST Saturday and 11am-9pm EST Sunday.


We immediately charge your credit/debit card or PayPal account upon selection of the tutoring package. Your account will be credited the minutes from the package you selected for use right away. These minutes will stay in your account until you use them. Details for the monthly package: your package will auto renew every 30 days based on the package you initially selected. If you would like to change the package amount for your monthly subscription you can use the upgrade or downgrade options in your student home page. When you upgrade or downgrade your package, your monthly subscription for that package will replenish itself on the anniversary of your 30 day cycle. If you feel like you're running out of minutes before your monthly subscription renews you can purchase a onetime package to replenish your minutes in the interim. You also have the option to freeze your monthly package for 60 days. This means you can continue to use your minutes but the monthly subscription will stop for two consecutive billing cycles. The freeze button can only be used once within 12 consecutive months, per account. Details for the hourly package: your credit card is only charged once, based on the package you select.

Refund Policy

If you would like to request a refund for any reason, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-603-1335. We will work with you to resolve any problems. Refunds are only processed for packages purchased within the last 30 days.

Registration and Other Important Information

When registering for an account, and when using such account and related services, or making changes to your account information, you agree to provide true, accurate and complete information, and promptly update such information as needed. If you fail to provide true, accurate and complete information, or update such information, as determined in Company's sole discretion, Company may suspend, limit or terminate your access and use of the Company's Sites.

By registering, you agree for yourself and, if applicable, the child/student you are registering, that any personal information you provide in connection with such registration may be transferred to and stored in countries outside your home country, including the United States.

Each student must have his or her own account. You are only permitted to use your account and may not use another's account or allow others to use your account, except as otherwise permitted by Company or the other account holder; provided however that parents or guardians who establish account(s) for a minor may permit the minor to use the account. Parent will have access to all account information and activity of accounts used by minors.

You are responsible to safeguard your username and password from unauthorized use, including logging out at the end of your session, and will be solely responsible for unauthorized use of your account. You must report to us any unauthorized use or access to your account. In addition, you agree to report any instance where a tutor (i) requests to meet with you in any forum outside of and for the purpose of the tutoring services, or (ii) discloses to you or requests from you personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, password, or information that would allow the tutor to identify or locate you. Your account(s) may not be assigned or transferred to another person, except as authorized by Company in writing.

Customer Service and Technical Support Contact Information

Customer Service:
Phone: 1-866-603-1335

Technical Support:
Phone: 1-866-263-9990